SAM_0825Welcome to a new home for my occasional blog about the different issues that concern me.  I don’t promise to be a regular blogger, there may be weeks between blogs or it might be just days.

The areas that interest me are (in no particular order) :

  • Politics – I am the vice-chair & Campaign Manager for Bassetlaw & Sherwood Lib Dems so it is no surprise that I have a distinctly tetchy relationship with our local MP, John Mann.  I am aslo active in the regional party and regularly attend Lib Dem Federal Conferences.
  • Fairtrade & Trade Justice- I have been involved with the Fairtrade for Bassetlaw group since it was founded in 2008 and was secretary of the group between 2009 & 2013 before steeping down and taking a brake from it while I get involved in other areas.  I am also concerned to make sure the developing world is treated fairly & that the developed countries recognise its past exploitation of other counties and help them catch up.
  • Energy – I have been a supporter of Sustainable Energy for many years and the recent rise of “Unconventional Gas Extraction”, both nationally & locally, is something I oppose.  I have helped set up the Bassetlaw Against Fracking local action group and am still involved in its activities
  • Israel/Palestine – I lived in Israel between 1978 & 1987, on Kibbutz Mishmar David & Kibbutz Harel, and served in the Israeli Army both as a conscript for 18 months and then as a reservist.  I still have family & friends in Israel and its future is one of my main concerns.  I am of the opinion that Israel can only be secure when the Palestinian people have their own state alongside it and Palestine can only exist in peace when Israel can be sure of it’s security.  I do what I can to support inter communal reconciliation between Israel & Palestine, Arab & Jew, between two peoples who both have justice & both deserve their own homeland
  • Peace – Growing out of my experiences in Israel, I also do what I can to support the Peace movement generally.  Every year for Remembrance Sunday, I wear a both a Red Poppy, to remember the fallen, & a White Poppy, to state that it should never happen again.

I should make very clear that all the views expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Lib Dems (locally or nationally) or any other group I am associated with.

I hope you like these musings and I look forward to seeing your responses.


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