Our MP gets in wrong over health “devolution”

It seems Mr Mann is up to his old tricks of trying to scare people with a story which is pure  & he will then claim the credit for stopping it happen. He has form on this with his scare stories from 2011 about the supposed threat to services at Bassetlaw Hospital, a threat that the Chair of Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital Trust has told me in an open meeting were completely unfounded.
The proposed North Midlands “devolution” is flawed for many reasons but it does not include any provision for changes to the existing relationship between NHS Bassetlaw CCG, which commissions most of the services at Bassetlaw Hospital, and Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital Trust.
The only reference I can find in the proposal (available on line at North Midlands Devolution Agreement) about changes to how Health services are delivered is on page 20: “The Public Service Reform Board will have a defined scope set out in a Terms of Reference document, which could include, subject to local agreement, (but is not restricted to): health and social care integration, opportunities around collaboration of emergency services, offender management, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Troubled Families, Policing, Street Scene and Community Safety Services (including Licensing and Regulation).” This does not cover acute (i.e. Hospital) or primary (GP) care so it seems that Mr Mann is either guilty of being misinformed or running a false scare story.
As I said, the overall “devolution” plan is flawed, on this Mr Mann agrees with me, and instead of devolving power closer to people, will introduce a new, added tier, of Government which will be even more remote from most people across Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire. An Executive Mayor for such a large area with only a weak Combined Authority to oversee and scrutinise is not a recipe for real devolution. I am working with others to give a full response to the proposal which we will publish when completed our investigations. Meanwhile, you read the proposal for yourself and come to your own conclusions. There is enough there that needs opposing without having to invent reasons that don’t exist.


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