Letter from Bassetlaw – January 9th 2016

EaMiLD Conf 15-A 1So we have been back at work (or school) now for a week and slowly life is returning to normal.  The decorations are down & put away and thoughts are turning to summer holidays.

The New Year brings new land marks and new challenges.  This year I celebrate two major anniversaries, a 60th birthday and our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Both make me stop and think what I have achieved so far, bringing up 3 children to be responsible adults is definitely the biggest.  As for challenges, working to make sure that the EU Referendum (which looks likely to be held in June or early July) is won by “Remain In” to safeguard not just our future but that of our grandchildren.

Remain to Gain

Which brings me to the Remain In campaign.  As I wrote last week, I am in the process of arranging a public meeting to launch the campaign locally.  In the meantime, I will continue to highlight the benefits we get from EY membership on my Facebook page (Leon Duveen for Bassetlaw) and elsewhere.

As you will be aware the Out Brigade (motto Leave & Loose), are continuing to pump out their propaganda.  Much of what they write is unsubstantiated, incorrect or simple lies.  The way to tell if post has any truth behind it is to see if there are any links to sources to back up the assertions being made.  If there aren’t any, then there is a good chance what is being written has no basis in fact and should be ignored.

What I would recommend you do to all those who, like me, are trying to convince you one way or the other is question them, ask them why they are saying what they are saying and to justify it.  If they rely on nebulous concepts or statements that have no proof behind them then you can be pretty sure that they have (or they are repeating others who have) made it up.  Just to say it was in the Daily Mail, The Sun or even The Guardian does not make it true.  There is nothing like checking for yourselves which you can do on sites like Full Fact or Channel 4’s FactCheck.


D2N2 – North Midlands Devolution

This week, the plans for “devolution” to the North Midlands (Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire) were published.  You can download & read them here.

Sadly, they do not make for very pleasant reading.  They seem to imply that much of the power in many areas will flow from County, City & District Councils to the new Executive Mayor.  This is not devolution but the imposition of another, less accountable, layer of Government, take the real decisions even further away from the people who matter, you and me.

Even our MP John Mann agrees with the Lib Dems on this (although his colleagues on Bassetlaw Council have other views) although he spoilt his argument by making irrelevant claims over the future of Bassetlaw Hospital (see this Our MP gets in wrong over health “devolution”).

I am talking with Lib Dem colleagues from across both counties tomorrow to work out the best way to oppose these proposals and will get back to you next week.


Tickets for teenagers at the Savoy Cinima

I was asked by a parent of a 15 year old to find out why the Savoy Cinema charges 15 & 16 year old teenagers Adult prices when those under 14 can get Child tickets and older teens in full time education, with student cards, can get Student tickets which are the same price as a Child ticket.  This is really unfair to teenagers in Yrs 10 & 11 who can’t get part time jobs but are being asked to pay adult prices to see films.

I wrote to Wayne Gregory, the Manager at the Savoy, to ask for an explanation and was told that “the age of an ‘adult’ ticket is influenced by the British Board of Film ‘15’ Classification. A ’15’ rated film will contain adult material that could be offensive or disturbing to anyone under that age and we set our adult price in line with that certificate.”  He went on to say that they are looking at changing their pricing structure and may introduce a “Teen” ticket in the future.

Fingers crossed for the teenagers getting a fairer deal in the future then.

Nottinghamshire County Council Budget Proposal

The County Council has made proposals on how to meet their £62 million shortfall.  They don’t own up to any mismanagement in allowing the shortfall to happen but we are where we are.  You can see the proposals for yourself and make your comments on the consultation form on-line here.  I haven’t had a chance to go through them in detail but from what I have seen, it there will be tough times ahead for anyone needing any help from the County Council!


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