Letter from Bassetlaw – May 8th 2016

leafleting in Blyth - 150427 - croppedI have started writing this letter a couple of days early as I very busy this weekend.  Luckily, as I will be out on the streets for Worksop on Saturday & in Hucknall on Sunday, the weather is looking like it will be kind to me & those who will be out with me.


I have been keeping an eye on the results coming in from the Elections on Thursday and, while not every result has been great for the Lib Dems, a 15% overall share of the vote (as the BBC have projected based on votes cast on Thursday) show that we are on our way back as a party.  While we are not yet back up to the strength we had before 2010 and the recovery has been patchy. the signs are there that the #LibDEmFightback to gathering strength.

We are looking forward to taking the momentum we have gained this year in to next year’s County Council Elections so watch out for a Lib Dem candidate where you live!  Over the next 12 months we will be out and about across Nottinghamshire, including in places where we haven’t campaigned in years, to show what a strong Liberal Democrat presence on the County Council can do for ordinary people here across the County.

As Labour are showing no signs of increasing their appeal outside their traditional areas & the Tories are struggling to attract voters given the way the Tory Government in Westminster has attacked Local Government in the last year, it is likely that neither of these parties will get a majority on the County Council.  This is why it is so important to have a strong voice that will stand up for ordinary people, not vested interests, a strong Liberal Democrat voice that will work hard to make sure the Council works for the people of Nottinghamshire form Misson to Normanton on Soar, from Jacksdale to Barnby in the Willows.


Being out on the streets making to case for #RemainIn in the upcoming Referendum, I get asked many questions and get some very dubious “facts” quoted to me.  What has surprised me is the lack in questions on the Environment I get asked.  Is this because the Environmental case for staying the EU is simply unanswerable?  Here is why.

The EU has been leading the world in legislation for the protection of wildlife, the Bern Convention, Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds  and the Directive Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora all are important contributions to preserving what is left of our natural World; the EU Directives on Drinking water means we can trust w has meat our beaches hat comes out of the taps in our homes and the EU directives on bathing water has meant our beaches & lakes are suitable  places for us to go into the water.    More than ever it is the EU that is making sure that we have clean air to breathe through the Clean Air directives.

Leaving the EU would put this under threat.  Pollution in the air or in the sea does not respect national borders and it is in our interest to cooperate closely with our European neighbours, to make sure we have the same laws & regulations and to work with them to combat Climate Change.

By being in the EU we can really say that we are Cleaner Greener Stronger Together.


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