The UK is in Europe and always will be

The 48% - Bassetlaw

map of EuropeRegardless of what some in the Brexit campaign say, the United Kingdom has always been in Europe geographically, historically, politically & economically.

We always have been part of Europe and always will be.

Just a quick look at where the rulers of England & then Britain have come from in the last 1000 years (Saxony, Denmark, Normandy, Aquitaine, Scotland, The Netherlands, Hanover & Sax-Coburg) and the wars that England/Britain have fought across Europe in that time (see and show and integrated into Europe we on these islands are.

Leaving the EU will not remove us from Europe, it will just make our relations with our closest neighbours and most important allies more difficult & give us less influence with them.   At the same time, it will be an economic disaster for the UK, with falling inward investment, rising prices (as tariffs & customs costs are unavoidable) and reduced…

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