Cooperation or stand alone?

The 48% - Bassetlaw

learner carby Leon Duveen (@LD4Bassetlaw)

I was talking at the weekend to a friend who is a driving instructor and he gave me this explanation of why he if voting Remain next month.

As a Driving Instructor, he could work on his own, doing all his own publicity, keeping his car serviced and up to date, sorting out all his own bookings, etc.  However, he chooses to be part of a large franchise, so that much of the burden of keeping up to date with the latest rules, dealing with finding new pupils, having to get a new car every 12 to 18 months is taken care of.

Yes, he has to pay to be in the franchise but he feels the benefits far outweigh the cost and he won’t go back to working on his own.

He said it is just the same as being in the EU, yes there…

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