Brexit Euro lies

The 48% - Bassetlaw

by Leon Duveen

EuromythsThere are a number of myths that the Brexit campaigns keep repeating about the EU which are so obviously false that the only reason that they keep being pulled out can only be to mislead the voting public.

Here are three big ones that I have heard or seen in the last few days.

The EU is not democratic.

The EU is democratic, with one directly elected legislature chamber (the European Parliament) , one indirectly elected legislature chamber (the Council of Ministers) and an unelected executive (the European Commission) who are nominated by elected National Governments but approved by & directly answerable to the European Parliament.
This compares favourably with the British system where we have one elected legislature chamber (House of Commons, where a party with 35% of the popular vote can get a majority), an unelected legislature chamber (the House of Lords, with over 800…

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