We must not let the future for our children get stolen

EU Young peopleThis was comment was in a response to a post I put on the “Bassetlaw for Europe” page:

“On June 23rd.its up to the older generation and all those people who realise what’s going on and what’s REALLY at stake here to give an overwhelming vote to leave.”

Here is my response to this comment

I am old enough to remember the 1960’s and the 1970’s before we joined the EU.   Let’s not look back through rose tinted glasses to a wonderful past that was never actually there.   Those years were not that great, badly run industries struggling to find export markets, economic crisis after economic crisis, ending with the Chancellor of the Exchequer having to run to the IMF to get a bail out shortly after we joined the EU.  To travel abroad, you could only take £50 each out in total including any foreign currency, even in those days it didn’t go very far.  No, life before the EU was not that fantastic.

You say it’s the older generation to vote to leave, well if that happens the baby boomer generation we belong to will have really screwed the younger generations.

We have our great pensions which young people can only dream about, we have the house we bought when they were cheap but are now too expensive for today’s young families to buy, many of us went on to get a free education at Universities & colleges and then Labour introduced tuition fee so to get a degree you will have to be saddled with big debts, and now you want to take their future away from them as well by dragging them out of the EU.

So I will be using your comment to help motivate the many young people who realise their future depends on being in the EU:

  • so that they study, work & live anywhere in Europe,
  • so that the UK can continue to enjoy the inward investment it gets as an English speaking gateway into the EU helping keep the our (and Europe’s) economy growing, providing jobs & wealth to people here (and making sure we can carry on affording good public services
  • so that they can help maintain the peace & security in Europe that the EU has helped secure,
  • so that, together the nations of Europe, can face and deal with the major threats to all of us, Climate Change, pollution and cross border crime.
  • so that they can work with other young people to improve our lives through cooperation in scientific research, controlling multi-national companies that are now bigger than many individual countries.

The future belongs to the young, we must not rob them of it.  So for my children and my grandchildren and for all those who have been excluded from voting, I’m IN, I have already voted REMAIN and will be working to make sure that we win the Referendum in two weeks’ time.

Please, young and old, left or right, join me in voting to protect the future for our children, vote REMAIN!

#RemainAndGain not #LeaveAndLose



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