We face a crisis in our public services, but it isn’t caused by immigrants

Yesterday, I wrote the following post on Facebook.  I am re-publishing it here for a wider audience

We have a crisis in the NHS, a crisis in our schools and a crisis in housing.

None of them are due to the EU or caused by immigrants. Indeed, currently many of these services are being propped up by the very immigrants, through their taxes and their labour, that some are trying to blame for the pressure on them.

They are caused by decades of under-investment in all three by successive UK governments who promise world class public services and at the same time reduce our taxes. Blaming the EU & immigrants for all the ills we have in this country is an attempt to distract us from the real causes of of those ills.

If those proposing that we leave the EU win the Referendum on June 23rd, again their promises of more money to spend on the NHS, education & housing will again be shown to be empty because there will be no money saved by Brexit. So they will cast around for another scapegoat, the poor, those trapped on benefits, anyone too weak or powerless to defend themselves, to blame for the fact that that the lies that were told to convince the public to vote for Brexit turn out to be just that, empty disgraceful lies.

We need to stop looking for scapegoats, it isn’t the EU or immigrants that are the root of the problems in our public services or in housing.

We need to wake up to the truth that we cannot have world class public services for all unless we are willing to up our contributions to the public purse.

Leaving the EU will just make keeping the NHS, schools and other public services much hard to maintain and unless we build more homes, we won’t solve the housing crisis.

So let’s face up to some hard truths about ourselves, our future will be dominated by the EU whether we are in it or not, our economy (for good or bad) is intertwined with that of our neighbours in Europe and extracting it from that will leave us all poorer and weaker, and we need to accept that we have to pay more in taxes if we want a good NHS, free at the point of delivery, good schools to educate future generations and decent housing so young families can afford a place to live.

All this means that on June 23rd, there is no choice but to vote ‪#‎Remain



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