More Brexit lies & myths

The 48% - Bassetlaw

by Leon Duveen

Yesterday, in a post on my Facebook page, I challenged those who are in favour of Brexit to give answers to three questions but not “just spout platitudes or regurgitate discredited lies from the Leave campaign. Show me some details of how Brexit will improve the lives of ordinary people in the UK.”

Needless to say they couldn’t but between the usual invective and insults, there were a few point that deserve to be responded to.  I originally did this in the thread itself but it is difficult to include the multiple links needed in a Facebook comment, I am reposting a slightly edited version here to satisfy those who thought I could not substantiate my statements.

Let me deal with the delusionary “We can trade with the rest of the world” argument which many have raise.

Outside of large trading blocs like the…

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