An American doctor experiences the NHS. Again.

Before anyone else tells us the NHS is failing or that the don’t already have a 24/7 NHS, read this post from an American doctor, especially the bits about “copayments” and what it means to those who need care ut can’t afford to pay (and those who can afford it so abuse the system).
No, the NHS is not perfect. I work in it so I know there is waste and inefficiency, but before we start tearing it to pieces we need to understand what the alternatives are, if they are any better and, most importantly, are they better value for our taxpayer money.
To judge from this story, we should be very grateful for what we have!

Dr. Jen Gunter

WIth my cousin WIth my cousin

Two years ago I wrote about my experience in a London emergency department with my son, Victor. That post has since been viewed > 450,000 times. There are over 800 comments with no trolls (a feat unto itself) and almost all of them express love for the NHS.

I was in England again this week. And yes, I was back in an emergency department, but this time with my cousin (who is English).

This is what happened.

My cousin loves high heels. As a former model she makes walking in the highest of heels look easy. However, cobblestone streets have challenges not found on catwalks and so she twisted her ankle very badly. Despite ice and elevation there was significant swelling and bruising and she couldn’t put any weight on her foot. I suggested we call her doctor and explain the situation. I was worried about a…

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