I do not hold British voters in contempt

Because I unrepentant in fighting for the UK to remain in the EU, some people think I, and other like me who will not give up that fight, hold those who voted Leave last June in contempt.

This is not true, I do not hold them in contempt.

No, the people I hold in contempt are for those who have deceived, misinformed and downright lied to the British Public about the EU over the last 30 or more years in an attempt to wrest the UK out of the EU, not to give control back to the British people but to stop the EU undermining a privileged elite who feel they have the right to control us.   All the Euromyths that have been perpetuate in newspapers like The Mail, The Express, The Telegraph and in all the Murdoch papers have been spread not to educate the British public but to deceive them.

Others I hold contemptable are those politicians who came late to the Leave campaign because they thought it was politically expedient to appear to be a Brexiteer (while hoping we would stay in the EU); other politicians who were for staying in the EU up until June 23rd but now say we must Leave at all costs because it as “the will of the people” regardless of the harm they know it will do those very people.

Yes, there were some who have deep, honest & long-standing view that the UK will be better off out of the EU.  I may not agree with them but I can respect their views.  I can even debate with them (sadly not on facts as there are no objective facts that support a case for leaving the EU) about whether sharing UK sovereignty with the other EU member nations is a good idea or not.

However, such people were not the leaders of the Leave campaigns, many of who were opportunistic carpetbaggers trying to forward their own career & interests while hoping secretly for a Remain vote.

So it is not the British voters I hold in contempt but those who have wilfully and selfishly deceived them and lied to them that the UK will be better off out of the EU.


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