In a mild winter, our NHS is barely coping

We have had a mild winter so far, very few days of frost in the morning for most of us, no flu or norovirus epidemics, not even too much flooding.
In spite of this the NHS is at bursting point, Hospitals over full, essential budgets over spent and a crisis in Social Care (see Winter pressure ‘busts NHS budget’).
Just imagine what would have happened if we had had a couple of weeks of really bad weather (as is quite common most winters) or a serious outbreak of one of the common winter bugs. It simply doesn’t bear thinking about.
This year we got lucky. Because of the dedication, commitment and professionalism of the people who work in the NHS at all levels, we seem to have muddled through, just.
Next winter or the year after we may not be so lucky and an NHS running at overcapacity & underfunded will not be able to cope despite the efforts of the people who work in it.
It will be too late next winter to start throwing money at a problem that is already turning into a disaster. The NHS & Social Care need better funding now so that they can prepare for the bad winters & epidemics that will be coming before very long.
Send Hunt, Hammond & May a message today that we need to increase Central Government funding in these areas even if it means increasing Income tax or Corporation tax to pay for it.

Save the NHS, reject Brexit

nhsTheresa May is leading us towards a Brexit that will mean we are exchanging the shared sovereignty of the EU, where we are equal partners in shaping the future of our continent, for being a protectorate of the USA, so dependant that we are will to destroy our institutions like the NHS for a few crumbs from the great table.

Outside the Single Market (a British initiative under Thatcher) & the Customs Union, we will be at the mercy of a rampant nationalist America under a President (at least until 2021) who is open about only signing Trade Deals that are skewered in the USA’s direction.

Already May has indicated her willingness to allow US Companies to take over parts of the NHS, what else will she allow in her desperate attempt to get a fig leaf of a Trade Deal?

Meat from animals grown using growth hormones, Chicken washed in chlorine, GM crops are all currently banned for the UK under EU rules but are common in the US.  It is likely that any Trade Deal with the US will mean having to accept them into the UK.

Given that our Trade Balance with the USA is currently in our favour, I can’t see Trump wanting to let to many more UK goods or services in to the USA without the USA getting even better access to UK markets, which will mean weakening our regulations that currently exclude many American products,

When I, along with many others, warn that this was the likely outcome of Brexit, it was labelled “Project Fear” by the Leave campaign and we were told it would never happen.  Now it is becoming all too real if Brexit becomes a reality and yes, it is frightening.

What can we do now?  The Government’s mean little Bill to give May the authority to invoke Article 50 without any further need for Parliamentary scrutiny is up for debate next week.  Jeremy Corbyn has waved the White Flag and said he will demand all Labour MPs vote for it  but all is not yet lost.

You can write to your MP to ask him to vote against this Bill unless there are safeguards added to give at least Parliament (better still the British People) a chance to give its assent to any agreement with the EU on Brexit.  There is an excellent app to help you do this.

Regardless of how their Constituency vote and regardless of how they are told to vote by their party, Members [of Parliament] have a general duty to act in the interests of the nation as a whole; and a special duty to their constituents.  Brexit is rightly being dubbed Wrexit as it will be an economic and probably a social disaster for the UK so MPs must vote against it regardless of a “black and white vote on a rainbow of issues” last June.