Old Posts

Here are links to some of my posts from my old Weebly site:

 02-10-13 – Response to the “Christians for Zion” protest at Greenbelt 2013

25-11-13 – Why I am Pro-EU

06-12-13 – What to learn from Nelson Mandela

18-12-13 – Why we need to support Sustainable Energy

25-12-13 – Why the Occupation of Palestine is bad for Israel

17-02-14 – Danes Hill – It may not be Fracking bit it could be just as bad

19-02-14 – Response to John Mann on Fracking

22-02-14 – Correspondence with John Mann on Fracking – Part 2

22-06-14 – Our trip to Israel – June 2014

03-07-14 – Maybe a wider view could help

10-07-14 – Is the Government of Israel insane?






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