03-07-14 – Maybe a wider view could help

As you may know, the situation in Palestine & Israel has been getting worse in the last few days and there is serious danger that anther larger conflict will be triggered, leading to more deaths, more hatred & many more grieving families.  Many of my contacts on line, through their personal connections with the area, feel the pain of what the citizens of both sides are going through at the moment.  I have written elsewhere on what we can do to help dampen down the flames
It is hard for us who are emotional involved to realise that for many not connected with the area, it is just another far away conflict among people they know little about.  On the main early evening BBC TV News today here in the UK, there was no mention of issue & I suspect it was the same in many other countries.  Wimbledon, the Tour de France & the World Cup are all bigger news items for most of the world.

Perhaps the leaders, political & military, in both Israel & Palestine should take a step back at this time and try to look at what is happening through the eyes of the rest of the world, not just see it from within the crucible of conflict they have inhabited for far too long.  Maybe then, they will see that death & destruction is not achieving what either wants, that this can only be achieved by realising that the people of Israel & Palestine share more than divides them; that the sliver of land between the river & the sea is too small to fight over and that by working together & respecting each other they can benefit and leave in peace, security & freedom.



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