Why should we Remain?


What are the areas you need to look at to make your judgement on whether we should remain in the EU or leave:

Prosperity –        will remaining in the EU make the UK a richer nation than leaving?

Opportunity –   will remaining in the EU give us more opportunities for work, for trade, for education, for co-operation than leaving?

Peace –                will remaining in the EU help secure the peace that has mostly held in Europe for the last 70 years better than leaving.

Environment – can we protect our environment better by remaining in the EU than by leaving

Security –            will our security against international crime & extremist terrorism be protected by working with other EU member countries as a partner in the EU or by leaving the EU.


One thought on “Why should we Remain?

  1. A resounding Yes to all that, not to mind the minor matter of a curtailment of that wonderful freedom British people have when wandering around Europe. Will they be the first yo complain when they have to wait in long queues to present their passports.


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