The EU has been leading the world in legislation for the protection of wildlife, the Bern Convention, Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds  and the Directive Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora all are important contributions to preserving what is left of our natural World; the EU Directives on Drinking water means we can trust w has meat our beaches hat comes out of the taps in our homes and the EU directives on bathing water has meant our beaches & lakes are suitable  places for us to go into the water.    More than ever it is the EU that is making sure that we have clean air to breathe through the Clean Air directives.

Leaving the EU would put this under threat.  Pollution in the air or in the sea does not respect national borders and it is in our interest to cooperate closely with our European neighbours, to make sure we have the same laws & regulations and to work with them to combat Climate Change.

By being in the EU we can really say that we are Cleaner Greener Stronger Together.