After Climate Change, the biggest issues facing the world are international terrorism, cross border crime and, especially for us here in Europe, the growing refugee crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean.   None of these crisis can be dealt with, let alone solved, by a single nation acting on its own.

We need to work closely with our neighbours and be able to trust them as we work together to try to deal with these issues.  By being in the EU, and therefore in Europol, headed by Britain’s own Rob Wainwright, we can work with our colleagues across the EU to counter these threats.

Through the use of European Arrest Warrants, we can extradite suspects who flee abroad in weeks rather than the years it used to take, remember the 21/7 bomber who fled to Italy in 2005?  Compare this to the years it took to take to get IRA terrorists extricated from Ireland in the 1980s & 1990s.  (It is interesting to see hoe the Brexit campaign have tried to attack the scheme but, as usual, get their facts wrong).

Without this close cooperation, we could not have the UK border checks based in Calais & at the Gard de Nord station in Paris, keeping illegal migrants out of the UK.

Former chiefs of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, along with other former security chiefs, has said our security would be damaged by leaving the EU.

Without doubt, leaving the EU would weaken our national security and weaken our ability to deal with the triple threats of terrorism, international crime and people smugglers.  Can we risk it?